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Hello NY District!

Al Stahl and Vicki Ross have stepped up as Region Educators. Pam and I have been asked and we have accepted the offer to become the New York District Educators.

Some of you may already know us - we have been Al and Vicki's Assistant District Educators for about a year and a half. But for those of you we haven't met, Pam and I became involved with GWRRA right after we bought our 2002 GL 1800 in August of 2001. We joined Chapter V of Syracuse, NY. We attended our first Wing Ding in 2006 by riding from Chittenango, NY to Nashville Tenn. I remember pulling into the Gaylord and was astonished to see so many Gold Wings in one place. Wing Ding 2006 was also my first experience taking an Experience Riding Course (ERC). As soon as I started the class I realized this class sure would have been nice to take before my trip south and riding the Tail of the Dragon.

In 2006, as Chapter Director of Chapter V, we merged with Chapter D. At the time Chapter D was looking for a Chapter Educator and I felt what better way to learn how to become a better rider than become the educator. Once I became the educator I quickly learned how little I knew about riding. From that point on I became involved learning how to be a better educator. I became a Seminar Presenter, a GWRRA Rider Course Instructor for ARC, Trike and Trailering, and a Parking Lot Practice Facilitator.

Helping people has been a way of life for both Pam and I. Both of us are second generation volunteer fire fighters having been active fire fighters with the Chittenango Fire Dept. for 30 years, following in our fathers' footsteps.

The NY District has been very progressive in advancing itself in rider education. The district has been active in getting people certified in all aspects from Seminar Presenters, PLP Facilitators, Medic First Aid Instructors, Riding Course Instructors and will now be continuing its Education in the University Training Program. Riding courses are being offered and training days are being set up to present its many seminars available to us. Motorcycle Awareness Program is cranking up and is taking on a strong hold with some of the chapters.

Pam and I certainly will have our challenges ahead of us, but I know we have a strong support group within the district. As time moves forward we will certainly look forward to meeting all of you. Remember to take advantage of the training your chapter educator and director are offering in your area. Visit the Region, District and Chapter Websites to keep current on what is happening and the training that is going on in your area.

In closing I would like to thank Al and Vicki for all their time spent on getting the Rider Education Program to where it is today in the District. Letís wish them success at the Region Level and give them the support they have shown to us.

Are you interested in having a Rider Education Seminar presented to your Chapter?  The New York District is fortunate to have several Rider Education Seminar Presenters willing to visit neighboring Chapters to present GWRRA Rider Education Seminars.  Contact John & Pam Van Deusen for more information.

Rider Education Seminars Include:

Last updated 4/07/2013